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Welcome to Happy Savers! A New Product from Happy Schools with a twist! Happy Savers will be run by Mrs. Happy Schools (aka Madhu) and Raghu will be providing support for website development and community development. So, how did we come up with this idea? Read about the Our History Below. 


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A Few Words About

Our History

Madhu: Levi's Jeans Shorts is on Sale for 52% OFF. Just $12. Shall I order one?

Raghu: Oh! Just $12? Levis Jeans Shorts? Sure. Order 2-3 sizes. I will try and pick one.

Raghu: I'm sure the guys in Happy Schools might love this deal. Should I share this?

Madhu: Sure. Let me send the Amazon URL.

Raghu: "How about I create a Telegram Group and you can share deals like this. I can post the link about the TG group in Happy Schools groups, you can share the deals. We already have Amazon Affiliate program, we could also get a referral fee if someone buys using our link."

Madhu: "Oh! Sure."

After the above conversation, Raghu created a new Telegram Group, and the first deal was shared. Can you guess the first deal we posted?

Levi's Denim Shorts >>

It's $37 now!!

Well, we started on March 15, 2022, at 10:50 AM EST. We talk about History; we need to be as accurate as possible, right? 🙂

Now, fast forward to April 2, 2022 (17 days into our History), launching HappySavers.com.

Telegram Group to Website in 15 days?

What changed?

We grew the community/group from 2 members to 4k members in a few days.

Above all, community members started buying our "Curated, Hand-Picked" deals.

Then we started getting recommendations. Can you find deals for Gifts, New mattresses, etc.?

In the old days, the website comes first, then the community. Today, the community came first and then the website.

That's how we got started. We look forward to this new journey.

So, how did you get this Sweet sounding, Happy looking domain name?

Well, ask us nicely. We do have a story to tell. 🙂

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