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Guide: Home Security Cameras (Indoor and Outdoor)

When we constructed our home, we started looking into outdoor security cameras.

There are plenty of options. It didn’t look obvious to start with.

After spending about ten days trying to learn how to set up an Outdoor Home security camera, I realized/learned a few lessons along the way.

Your choice of security camera comes down to two major factors:

  1. Power Source
    1. Power Over Ethernet
    2. Batter Powered
    3. Solar Powered
    4. From power outlet
  2. Recording & Notifications
    1. External Cloud (paid monthly)
    2. Internal Cloud (no monthly fee)

Every other factor is secondary.

I’m not sure about you; I prefer to have the recording stored locally on a hard drive that I could access without paying a monthly fee (like $5 or $10 per month).

If you decided to have the recording stored locally, it would eliminate several Security Camera players on the market.

Next, how are you going to power the outdoor security camera?

If you are buying new construction, you will have an option to add POE cables close to where you want to install the security cameras.

POE – Power over Ethernet.

A Cat5e cable will run from a central hub inside your home to where the camera will be located.

Plugin the CAT 5 into an NVR on one end (recording device) and camera on the other end. That’s it.

Why did I narrow it down to POE/NVR system vs. Battery, Solar vs. Cloud recording?

  • I did not want to pay a monthly fee.
  • If required, I want 24/7 continuous recording
  • I like the data to be stored locally.

Plus, it was easy to have the writing done with new home construction.

If I were to install it in an existing home, I would get a Solar Power camera with NVR (local recording).

So, what Security Camera system and brand would I recommend.

Here are the three brands I would recommend.

Lorex N4K2SD-84WB Surveillance System Featuring N842A82 Fusion 4K 2TB NVR and 4...
17 Reviews
REOLINK 8CH 5MP Home Surveillance & Security Camera System, 4pcs Wired 5MP...
2,445 Reviews

Lorex is a bit expensive compared to ReoLink. After months of research, for POE/NVR system, I would pick a system between these two brands. You will find cheaper options, but you need to get instant notifications, a usable and reliable app. After looking at the reviews, I will pick a security camera system between Lorex and Reolink.

As you are planning your Security camera’s layout, you have to look for spots with entry points and how to record sections.

Now, what about Indoor Security cameras and Doorbell cameras?

Just go with Eufy. Their Customer support is Top class.

Data is stored locally, and no monthly fees. In addition, their app is easy to use.

We have wired Eufy 2K doorbell camera. I love it. I looked into Ring. I have to pay $10 per month to get notifications with thumbnails or save the recordings. I get the same features with Eufy without the monthly fees.

eufy Security, Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera, 2K Resolution, No Monthly Fees, Local...
13,389 Reviews
eufy Security Indoor Cam C120 2-Cam Kit | 2K Security Indoor Camera | Plug-in...
10,927 Reviews

Eufy by Anker does make an outdoor security camera as well.

Eufy does not make POE cameras for outdoor. Instead, they have Solar or Battery Powered Outdoor Security Cameras.

eufy Security Outdoor SoloCam S230(S40), Solar Wireless Security Camera, Battery...
2,910 Reviews
eufy Security, eufyCam S221 (eufyCam 2 Pro) Wireless Home Security Camera...
744 Reviews

If Eufy made POE/NVR cameras, I would buy Indoor Security cameras, Outdoor Security Cameras, and Doorbell cameras made by Eufy.

If you plan to buy an outdoor camera powerd by battery or solar, you can stick to one App and manage all the intelligent security devices via Eufy.

Let me know what system you ended up selecting. If you end up ordering on Amazon through your referral links, we appreciate your support.


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