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How and What to to Buy for a Toddler Tricycle, Trike for 1,2,3 Year Olds

We had a trike and we used it for a good 2-3 years when our oldest was a toddler.

After a lot of research, we moved from Stroller to a Trike. Rishi was old enough to be not in a stroller any longer. Plus, we wanted something we can take him with us on evening walks (1.8 miles per day).

If you do the match, that’s about 350 miles is used for just one year and we probably used for more than 500 miles.

We purchased our Tike from Toys R Us and it’s not there any longer. I do not think we used to shop as heavily on Amazon those days.

Trike Buying Guide

This is what we looked for when we got out Trike for Rishi and for the second one, we did not buy a trike (He’s 5 now).

  • Easy to push
  • Child Safety
  • Parents can control the turns
  • Wide handles to push
  • Storage

So, what’s out there in the market today?

Radio Flyer Trike

I love the storage compartment. We have to take a bottle of water or something for him to munch. Plus, wider drip handle.

Amazon Customer Review: Great first tricycle! The best part of this trike is the adult-sized steering handle up top. Before researching which trike to buy my little cherub, I saw multiple, hunched-over, forlorn parents waddling behind their toddler offspring, pushing the kiddos down the street because their little legs got tired. But with the Steer and Stroll Trike – no hunching in anger for me. I would simply steer my little turtle dove down the street when she refused to pedal. Which was often. Also, the compartment in back was perfect for temporarily dumping my dog’s used poo baggies. Yeah, don’t forget to empty that thing – super gross … I may or may not know from experience.

Radio Flyer Deluxe Seer & Stroll Trike

5 in 1 Toddler Tricycle with Parent Steering Push Handle 

I would probably buy this now because of its versatility as long as if you think the child will not fall back.

So, I think a child should be a little older for this one.

Excellent little bike, I love how it can be pushed and you can even control the way it turns from the pushing bar. It pushes very smoothly no sticking. Very versatile, I love that it can be changed into different modes as my child grows. It’s also a space saver as you can easily click the parts apart to make it more compact. My child is still too small to ride it in her own, but it feels like a quality product that will last as she grows. She loves it.

5 in 1 Toddler Trike
4 Modes: Parent steering push mode, Tricycle mode, balance bike mode and bike mode. Multifunctional tricycle is suitable for 1, 2,3 years old boys and girls.

Smartike – Toddler Tricycle and Trikes

This smarTrike what we would recommend. We used the exact same brand back in 2010. We loved it. Plus, they have multiple products based on the age group.

Amazon Customer Review: Whoever created this bike is awesome. My two year old has cerebral palsy. All of her right side is affected. She can not walk ,stand up, pedal, and pull up on her own . This tricycle is a lot like the ones she uses at therapy. Like I said she can not pedal on her own so this is absolutely perfect for her since the pedals move as you go . Only thing I added was velcro on the pedals so I could strap her feet in. Assembly was super easy took about 20 minutes tops . Instructions where very clear . It is very light as well . Straps on the seat to keep her in are perfect. Yes it is light. If your child is over weight i recommend getting a heavy bike. Not sure why so many bad reviews on how light it is.

Trike for For Ages 1-3

I think both the options below are good. It will come down to your preference. But, I would pick this love over the first two models (since we have used the same brand).

smarTrike - Toddler Tricycle for 15+ Months - 3 in 1 Multi-Stage Trike
We had the exact same brand, but models have been upgraded and improved since 2010 🙂

We paid about $95 in 2010 when buying the Smartike which was on sale for $50 OFF. Today, you could buy the same for $69+.

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