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STEM – Educational Toys for Kids Above 5 Years

It’s never too early to introduce kids to STEM, but you should be aware of the recommended ages before investing in a toy or activity. Consider your child’s fine and gross motor skills since many STEM toys require careful manipulation of parts and pieces. You should also think about your child’s attention span and whether their interest is in constructing the toy or using it.

1. Education – USA, World, Capitals Mapology

I remember, as a kid, it was very difficult to remember all the states and their capital by names but now there is a new to teach your child the names of the states and their captials of the USA.

The vibrant colors and puzzle system, help the kids to remember the states and capital by their shape as well.

All this with interesting facts about different places for your child to ace the game of remembering the name of the states and capitals of the USA.

Maps of USA States Along with Their Capitals
3,763 Reviews
Maps of USA States Along with Their Capitals
Multiple Maps available.
USA, World & US States

2. Learn to Code for Kids for iPad

Help your child develop the nack for coding with fun with OSMO. Let your kids have fun while they learn the  Logic, coding fundamentals, basics of programming, solve coding puzzles, teamwork, listening, critical thinking, observation, creative problem solving, music creation & pattern recognition. Osmo sees and reacts to real-life movement. Geared towards children & love of learning.

(Customer review: I got this for a 5-year old that is highly interested in tinkering/building big Lego sets, and generally quite interested in science. He does have a good attention span for a 5-year-old, which I think always helps with this sort of toy. Now, as for the toy, as usual with Osmo the toy pieces intended for the kid to manipulate are very high quality, so the only issue is keeping one from getting lost. As for the games…I was an engineering major in college and had no intro to coding before I “had” to take the course and learn it. I actually think it’s a great idea to expose kids who are into science early, and there aren’t too many ways to do it. The kid I bought this for had just had his STEM coding summer camp canceled due to COVID. I really appreciate the goal of this product.)

Learn to Code, Coding Basics & Coding Puzzles
3,056 Reviews

3. STEM Solar Toy

Build a constructive mindset in children at a young age with Solar Power Robots Creation Toy. The toy helps you in the development of the creative mindset and problem-solving skills of your child. 

The toy comes with a user manual that has instructions to build 13 different types of robots by splitting and reassembling that move on land or water.

(Customer Review: This was a great building toy for my daughter. She loves anything construction where she gets to follow directions and build toys. The solar-powered part of this was another great addition so we didn’t have to burn through batteries.
Overall a really great purchase! )

STEM 13-in-1 Solar Power Robots Creation Toy
3,216 Reviews

4. Gravity Maze Marble Run – STEM

Your child can learn as they play with this amazing skill-building game Gravity Maze Marble Run. The game has different challenges for your kids that help your kid build spatial reasoning and planning skills.  

(Customer Review: y 10-year-old son is obsessed with this game. He loves figuring out each maze. It makes him use problem-solving skills and logic. This is a great toy for an only child whose parents can’t entertain the child every minute. He chooses this over video games! Now that is saying something.)

ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Brain Game
31,844 Reviews

5. STEM Building Block Kids Toy

As your kid grows up it is important to start learning how to create coordination between the eyes and hands. With the help of this toy, your child will inspire creativity, develop hand-eye coordination and expand kids’ learning possibilities.

(Customer Review: So many toys are electronic right now and I love that this toy is so good for developmental skills. It’s great for bimanual hand use, hand strengthening, visual-motor, etc. You can free build or follow the directions and steps. It also comes with Its own storage container which is always a BONUS! It’s fun and keeps my kiddos engaged and busy!)

96 Pcs Building Blocks for Kids 3+
19 Reviews
96 Pcs Building Blocks for Kids 3+
50% OFF
Use Coupon: LHIDHA2T

6.STEM Addition and Subtraction Game

We know all know how difficult it becomes for parents to teach mathematics to children at a young age but what if there is a fun way to learn how to add or subtract or divide or multiply numbers? this game allows your child to build an interest in mathematics at a young age as it comes in a jigsaw puzzle. You can familiarize your child with counting numbers at an early age which will encourage their skills. FINE MOTOR SKILLS and HAND-EYE COORDINATION by requiring your child to fit the correct puzzle pairs together. the game develops a Self-correcting mechanism in your child and puzzle pieces build CONFIDENCE and boost SELF-ESTEEM by providing a sense of achievement.

(Customer Review: We live in Illinois and preschool is not mandatory here therefore I have been buying educational games for my 4 yr old daughter who hates learning. I was pleasantly surprised by how intrigued she was with the game.)

Addition and Subtraction Game
7,255 Reviews

7. STEM Toys with Sequences, Comparison, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication

The best to teach your kids anything is by storytelling as it helps them imagine and turn lessons into games. With Plugo Count game, your kid develops thinking skills and has fun while solving mathematical problems. PLUGO COUNT is an AR-powered STEM gaming kit. It turns your device into a hands-on learning system and takes your kids through a series of story-based challenges that need to be solved with a combination of numbers and arithmetic operators

(Customer Review:  Shifu Plugo Count is by far the best ipad game my students have engaged in. I teach first grade and was able to project the iPad with the projector system to the whole class. My students wrote the problems on their personal whiteboards and I chose one student to use the game pieces to solve the problem. The excitement was unreal. What we loved most about this system was that there is variety. I loved that they had word problems for students to understand when it is appropriate to add and subtract. I ensured we were using keywords such as “total”, “left”, and “altogether”, to help us understand the number sentences. I also appreciated that the word problems allowed you to either answer in a word problem form or as the answer. For example, if the problem was “I water 3 roses and 4 daisies. How many flowers did I water altogether?”. You could either answer 3+4 or 7. I would love to try the other available systems by Shifu.)

Math Games with Stories
3,557 Reviews

8. Mathematics Game  –Multiplication, Division, Addition, and Subtraction

For today’s generation, workbooks cant be enough, the monotonous ways of teaching the numbers may risk the interest and retention power of the child and so ADSUMUDI is a great alternative to the entire learning experience. It’s a perfect travel game that will keep your child engaged for a longer duration.

(Customer Review: Quick math game and easy to pick up and play. Fast to learn and play when you’ve got 10-15 minutes before dinner or on game nights. Really efficient in getting those skills down and great for Title 1 learners. Good gifts for teachers and classrooms. Good for school raffles or gift baskets. A lot of fun for kids to learn math. My kids enjoy playing together and seeing how far they can take the math problems.)

Adsumudi Math Game -
922 Reviews
Adsumudi Math Game -
Multiplication, Division, Addition and Subtraction

9. Card Game : Guess in 10

The questions and answer format of this card game helps your child to develop communication skills, decision-making, problem-solving, and creative thinking skills. Along with all this, the retention period of your child is enhanced. It’s a great way of teaching your child about the animal kingdom and other nature-related topics.

(Customer Reviews: At first we thought this was going to be WAY too easy for our 7 year old but when we actually started playing with her I realized how much she actually had to learn about how to ask good questions (there’s a difference between “does it bark?” And “is it a mammal?”) and while she’s pretty up on animal knowledge it’s still been a fun challenge for her even with the clues! I want to buy the city one once we have studied geography a bit more. Ps we use these at dinner for fun discussion when the day is getting long and we’re tired of talking to each other.)

Skillmatics Card Game
27,163 Reviews
Skillmatics Card Game
Guess in 10 Animal Planet

10. Brain Teaser Memory Game

Nurture your child’s brain with brain teaser games and increase their retention power and decision-making skills and decision making. In this game, there is a sequence of light that blinks for some time and then the player has to light up the pattern again by recalling the earlier pattern.

Brain Teaser Memory Game
8,802 Reviews

(Customer Review: BrainBolt is the perfect game for my son. He has an amazing memory and loves to challenge it! He loves the different levels of play with this game so he doesn’t get bored! Since it is so portable…we take it everywhere with us…on road trips, on the way to school, doctor’s office, and even to the grocery store. I love that it is educational and it is helping grow his brains! It’s a fun game that keeps my 8-year-old son really entertained!)

11. Magna-Tiles 100-Piece Clear Colors Set 

A game that is meant for kids of all ages. The Magna Tiles game is a one-in-all game. The game comes with different color tiles that can be connected with each other by magnets in them. Your child can make different shapes with these magnetic tiles.

Magnetic Building Tiles
10,168 Reviews
Magnetic Building Tiles
Educational Toys

12.4M 4605 Water Rocket Kit 

Is your kid interested in space or rockets? well then, this game is meant for your kid. With the help of water pressure, the rocket goes up to 90ft in the air. The game will build the bond between you and your kid. 🙂

(Customer Review:  liked how the KISS principle was utilized to construct the water rocket. I was once a judge at a high school science fair where there was a water rocket competition and had the opportunity to inspect many unique pressurizations and release ideas, but this has to be the simplest method yet. A single hole stopper (plug), provides a means to seal the bottle and pressurize it through the stopper hole. When the pressure is great enough to expel the stopper the water is blasted out of the bottle and it launches. No O-rings, washers, release paws, pull chords, etc. As a result, my 7-year-old grandson, can fill the bottle, put the stopper in place, stand the rocket on its tail fins, pump pressure into it with a tire pump, watch it fly, and do it again and again all by himself while I supervise for safety reasons. The more firmly the stopper is inserted into the bottleneck the greater is the pressure required to expel the stopper, and this greater pressure propels the bottle rocket higher. We have achieved flight times of greater than 10 seconds, and heights well over the advertised 90 ft when his father pressed the stopper in as much as he could. As for my grandson, he is very happy even though when he does it, it only flies to about 50 feet. This is a great science toy for learning. I posed the question ” How high would the rocket go if we did not put water in it ?”, My grandson promptly said, ” it will go higher because without the water it is lighter”. When the rocket launched all that happened was a loud pop, and the rocket went up about 12 feet. This sparked a conversation about how a rocket works. But it also introduced him to the scientific method. The net result was that we all had a great time. Money well spent. Would recommend it.)

Water Rocket Kit
8,415 Reviews
Water Rocket Kit
DIY Science Space Stem Toys

13. Code Master Programming Logic Game and STEM Toy

The is a logic-driven game that builds the reasoning and planning skills in your child and provides a great stealth learning experience for young players. There are different levels in this game and with each level going up, the difficulty is increased and the player is challenged to create multiple ways to go up a level.

(Customer Review: My daughter and I have been working through the puzzles and its good honest fun, to sit down and actually think of the various combinations!)

Programming Logic Game
742 Reviews

 14. Snap Circuits Jr. 

The kids love DIY projects as they get to learn, boost confidence and improve their reasoning skills. The Snap Circuit Jr. is a game that allows your child to learn about different electric circuits and how can they build different designs around them.

(Customer Review: Purchased for my 6-year-old son. He has a lot of experience with LEGO so thought would introduce him to electrical circuits.
– Very well built. Can withstand the rigors of a child’s play
– Easy to use. Cannot stress this more as the ultimate user is a child.
– great instructions. Extremely detailed and can be followed by a child.
– Well package with each part going to a separate slot. Teaches a child to organize his work.
Highly recommended for children in the age group of 6-10 years)

Electronics Exploration Kit
17,264 Reviews

15. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Stunning Chemistry Set

It is a high-quality educational toy that is a whole lot of fun. Kids will learn the scientific process, important fundamentals of chemistry, and how to safely conduct experiments. This science kit serves as an important stepping-stone in STEM success!

(Customer Review: Very engaging and easy to use. I had the attention of kids from 4 yo to 12. I am glad and would recommend it.)

Stunning Chemistry Set
Mega Science Kit

16. Wooden Blocks Puzzle Brain Teasers Toy

The kids love building new things and the experience is even more pleasant when they are doing it without involving technology.

These wooden blocks are a great learning experience for your kids as it creates eye-hand coordination, and color and shape recognition.

The game also helps to build focus in kids.

(Customer Review: Love it! Got two of them! My 7 and 11-year-old are playing with it now. It comes with a manual but they don’t know it 😁 I’ll tell them in an hour.)

Wooden Blocks Puzzle
16,098 Reviews
Wooden Blocks Puzzle
Brain Teasers Toy

17. Magnetic Building Sticks Blocks Toys

The magnetic building sticks blocks are a great stress reliever. The toys let the inner creative instinct of your child come out as their capability to recognize colors and build new designs is tested with this toy.

(Customer Review: Powerful little magnets and well made, they’re magnetic the entire length of the sticks and not just on the ends. The colors are bright, and vivid and a nice velvet(ish) storage bag is included. The sticks are smaller than they look in the listing pictures (that’s a regular size q-tip in my pic) but they’re still pretty cool overall. They’ll be a lot of fun to play and build with and I’m sure any kid who likes to build would love them. Very happy with this purchase and highly recommend it.)

Magnetic Building Sticks Blocks Toys
1,338 Reviews
Magnetic Building Sticks Blocks Toys
Magnet Educational Toys

18. STEM Construction Building Kids ToyDinosaur Toys

Dinosaurs and building new things are two things that will excite your kids to start playing with this toy right away. 🙂

This toy gives the experience of building the toy with electric drill. The toy is absolutely safe for kids to play with.

(Customer Review: As a mom of 5 during a pandemic I was looking for ways to keep my kids occupied and off tablets. These were perfect and so much fun to put together but the best part was , they each came with their own tool ( not the drill) so each kiddo could do their own dinosaur. Perfect for one kid and awesome for multiple kids at one time. ( hide the drill when doing it with more than one kid at a time or be ambitious and work on their sharing skills. )
And we can re live the fun by taking them apart and doing it all over again. Thank you!)

STEM Construction Building
11,559 Reviews
STEM Construction Building
Toys with Electric Drill

19. Kids Beginner Microscope STEM Kit

As the world is becoming more and more tech-savvy, the younger generation also needs to be aware of the technology. This game will help them enhance their cognitive ability, imagination, distance, reasoning ability, and so on.

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