Best Selling Perfume for Women Under $100

Can a woman feel just as timeless wearing a more affordable yet just as charming perfume? Well, of course, she can! Here are some of the best perfumes for women under $100!

1. Viktor & Rolf- Flowerbomb

With hints of rose, freesia, and jasmine, accompanied by the warm and musky scent of patchouli as the background, this perfume is perfect for those that like full-bodied scents without being overly sweet.

You can wear this perfume for special occasions like parties, or date nights, etc.

(Customer Review: This fragrance is amazing and refreshing. When I wear it I notice everyone complements the deliciousness of its smell. It almost seems to change the mood of everyone around!! This is my favorite!”)

875 Reviews

2. Paco Rabanne- Lady Million

This is the best perfume for women that want to earn or feel like a million bucks. 😉 Lady Million is a sensual perfume that has flowery, woodsy notes, and smells like the nectar of newly blossomed flowers.

The perfume is perfect for day outings and office wear.

(Customer Review: Very picky about my fragrances, so if I like this, it has to be beautiful. Not cloying or too sweet. Feminine and it “stayed” pretty well, too. Very pleased…picked this on a whim, too and glad I did.)

Paco Rabanne
Lady Million

3. Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

Yves Saint Laurent continues to wow the public by producing a fiery, energetic, and dynamic fragrance. That’s why this fragrance’s name is Opium; it stands for something that is exciting and mystic at the same time.

The perfume is perfect for evening parties, clubbing or date nights.

(Customer Review: Wonderful scent, not overpowering. Lasts a super long time. Bought it as a gift, but definitely getting some for myself next!)


4. Versace Bright Crystal

A classic designer fragrance while still being affordable, it’s enchanting and distinctly feminine while being perfect for the woman that likes fresh, light, and floral scents.

The perfume is perfect for your daily use and office purpose.

(Customer Review: I love, love, love this fragrance! It is a wonderful product and the smell lasts all day long. I am so happy with my purchase!)

Bright Crystal

5. Carolina Herrera Very Good Girl

The very first whiff of Very Good Girl will tell you that the fragrance is indeed loyal to the original collection – a beautiful opening of playfully mischievous Redcurrant and lychee instantly let us know that this is indeed a masterfully created floral fragrance.

But the real superstar of the Very Good Girl scent is found in the heart notes – Rose, a symbol of passion.

The perfume is great for day outings and office purposes.

(Customer Review: I smiled when it arrived!! Smells amazing and perfect for a date or for work!!! Guys will go crazy for it!!Highly recomended!!!!)

Carolina Herrera
525 Reviews
Carolina Herrera
Very Good Girl


6. Lancome La Vie Est Belle

Fruity and warm with blends of black currant, praline, tonka bean, vanilla, and patchouli notes, La Vie Est Belle is definitely a favorite with thousands of women. This is a timeless and elegant fresh scent that will last all day.

The fragrance is amazing and it is perfect for daily use. It can be your “go-to” perfume.

(Customer Review: This is a most lovely scent. Use just a little as it is strong, but not in an overpowering way. My fiancee usually doesn’t notice perfumes but he loved this one. I love it!)

La Vie Est Belle

7. Giorgio Armani Armani Code Absolu

Armani Code Absolu Femme by Giorgio Armani is an Amber Floral fragrance for women. Armani Code Absolu Femme was launched in 2019. Top notes are Neroli, Ginger, and Mandarin Orange; the middle notes are Tuberose, Orange Blossom, and Jasmine; the base notes are Vanilla, Tonka Bean and Sandalwood.

The fragrance is perfect for office going purpose and daily use.

(Customer Review: This is my all time favorite perfume. My husband has the men’s version and it smells great to. I just can’t get enough of it)

Giorgio Armani
Armani Code Absolu

8. Ariana Grande Ari

Launched by the design house of Ariana Grande in the year 2015. This floral fruity fragrance has a blend of pear, grapefruit, raspberry, vanilla orchid, rose, lily of the valley, musk, and woody notes.

Loved by many, this perfume is meant as a “go-to perfume” you can use it for date night or office purposes.

(Customer Review: It’s pure serenity. I don’t have words to explain how much I love this one. It’s my FAVOURITE. Self gifted perfume and I really don’t want it to end as I have applied so much that it’s going to come to end. Please send me soon.)

9. Charlie Blue by Revlon Perfume for Women

This perfume is great for longevity. It requires just 1-2 sprays and it lasts the entire day although the scent becomes lighter. it is a very comforting strong perfume and stays on for hours. Also it is inexpensive as you can easily find it on any online shopping website at half the price.

(Customer Review: This fragrance has a nice light powdery scent that I just adore! I have worn the #Charlie brand since a teenager. There wa only one scent during the 70’s. I get an opportunity to carry on my tradition with a lighter fragrance.)

Charlie Blue

10. Elizabeth Taylor PASSION

The Passion fragrance was launched by the Elizabeth Taylor design house in 1987. The varied aroma in the flavor was meant to represent the different layers of Elizabeth Taylor’s personality, which many contemporary women can relate to as well. The mild sweet jasmine notes, the deep woody scent and the warm vanilla aromas embrace you, while allowing you to embrace your different sides.

The perfume is perfect for parties and events.

(Customer Review: I love this perfume and have used it since 1988 !! I get compliments. still, and wouldn’t think of using anything else. Often, I’ve been stopped for someone to inquire what I’m wearing. I can assure you that the expensive perfumes would not match the scent or the purchase price of this item. It’s in a class of its own !)

I hope you found your next favorite perfume on this list of the best perfumes for women under $100. Which one are you going to add to your beauty cabinet?

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