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20 Kitchen Gadgets You Need and You’ll Use

Wo said gadgets are only for your computer desk. Here’s a collection of Kitchen Gadgets to make your life just easy and the kitchen running smoothly! There is a Chef inside you!

1. Lemon Sprayer

There are different purposes for which one uses the lemon juice, right from preserving the food to making lemonade:) or use it even as a disinfectant agent.

But we all know how hard it is to squeeze the lemon and get the juice. Well, we have a gadget that will serve all your purposes.

This unique lemon sprayer helps you use the lemon juice without cutting the lemon in half, just remove the tip and screw in the lemon sprayer and get spray the fresh lemon juice on your food or use it for other purposes.

Lemon sprayer gadget
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2. Personal Size Smoothie Blender

Hi, are you looking for a simple, little smoothie blender? Here’s the one. Committed to ease of use, efficiency, and portable design.

It is designed to fit into your fast-paced lifestyle and it is great to make smoothies, shakes, and protein shakes. You can make your style smoothies in 15 seconds, single-serve capacity.

The drinking lid cup makes it portable and allows you to carry it office or gym and gives fresh homemade smoothies anywhere you want.

Smoothies Blender Personal Size
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3. Large Dish Drying Rack

Don’t have space to dry your dishes and plates? Get this rollable, large dish drying rack. Now, easy to dry your dishes in the sink. It’s a space saver.

Large Dish Drying Rack
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4. Spice Grinder – Handheld

Want to make a spicy masala tea? Get this tiny, handheld spice grinder.

Here’s how I would use it to make Masala Tea – 2x cardamom, 1″ Inch Cinnamon, a pinch of pepper, 3x cloves. Grind them, and let them simmer in the hot water for a few minutes before adding the ginger and the tea leaves. Then add milk and sugar to taste, and enjoy the masala tea. If you want smooth tea, then add half a spoon of condensed milk.

4. Instapot – Pressure Cooker to Egg Boiler

Do you want to cook rice, dhal, or boil eggs?

Instapot can help you will all the above and more!

We use Instapot and with the timer function, we set it, go it and come home to see if the rice is hot and ready!

Instant Pot Ultra 60 Ultra 6 Qt 10-in-1 Multi- Use Programmable Pressure Cooker
We make our rice (super fast) using the same InstaPot. No more rice cooker!

5. Safe Can and Bottle Opener

5000+ Five Star reviews! 5 functions in one Can opener,  open standard and ring-pull cans/tins, crown-cap (beer-style) bottles, screw-top (PET) bottles, and jars with ease. 

After a few weeks of use, the opener is as sturdy, strong and useful as when it first arrived in my kitchen. This has to be one of the best tools in my kitchen plus during the bad snow during Feb 2019 here in the PNW, a neighbor used it as the power was off so she couldn’t use her electric opener. (Amazon Review)

Master Opener for Cans, Bottles and Jars” description=”Just see the Reviews! Several Start Reviews!
Can Opener, Bottle Cap Opener – Save your Skin!”]

6. Separate Egg Yolk From Egg White

No mess and no yolk spills with this kitchen tool gadget, say goodbye to “swapping from eggshell to eggshell”, Separating the yolk from the white in a snap with a unique design.

7. Food Weigh Scale

This is a lifesaver for me. I make a special Chicken Gravy and I need to measure the Green chilis based on the weight of the Chicken. Guess, how  I will be using it? Keep the plate, then Tare the scale, then weight the green Chilis.

8. Oil Sprayer

Easy to use oil sprayer. Just power your oil, pump the pressurize it. then Spray.

  • Easy to use pump style cap features a 2 step operation: Simply pump the container, then and press the valve on the pressurized sprayer for an even mist

9. Measuring Spoon

Here’s a 5-star Amazon Review:

Wow. I’ve owned many types of measuring spoons over the years, but these are the best quality I’ve ever seen. They are made of a high caliber stainless steel, which is much sturdier than typical plastic or aluminum measuring spoons. They feel great in my hands and have a lovely, glossy appearance.

10. Cleaning Sponge Gloves


Dishwashing Cleaning Scrubber Glove
Yay! No more messy hands!
Wear it. Wipe it Clean it (Dishes!)

11. Kitchen Gizmo Snap N Strain Pot Strainer and Pasta Strainer

No more losing precious pasta down the drain. This snap-on strainer and drainer is the coolest contraption, as it easily attaches to any pot or pan and is easy to then detach when you need to wash.


12. The Original Hotpop Microwave Popcorn Popper

Movie time! This popcorn maker is a breeze to use, as all you need to do is add kernels into the bowl along with the oil, salt, and seasonings of your choosing and pop in the microwave. The bowl won’t be too hot to the touch and you’ll have 15 cups of popcorn in minutes. Feel free to eat right from the popper.


13. Glass Syrup Dispenser

Don’t get caught in a sticky situation when it comes to syrup. This adorable syrup and honey dispenser is the best way to add some sweetness to the breakfast table. Simply fill and then squeeze the handle to let the syrup, honey or other sauce trickle down onto your flapjacks.


14. Bacon Grease Container With Strainer

Don’t clog your drain or bother with a freezer full of fat containers. Use this device instead when cooking bacon or other fatty meats. It comes with a strainer to easily drain and strain the grease from your pots and pans, and then use it again to pour the bacon-y flavor back into your favorite dishes.



15. KitchenArt 57010 Select-A-Spice Auto-Measure

This spice contraption is really a work of art, as not only does it display the labeled spices in a stunning lazy Susan type way, but it also dispenses the perfect amount for any recipe, with settings to let out teaspoons, tablespoons and other exact measurements.

5,761 Reviews

16. Stainless Steel Watermelon Slicer

Slice and dice up a juicy watermelon in seconds with this fun device. The watermelon slicer makes perfect bite-sized cubes — great for a picnic, school lunches or to throw in a salad when you don’t want to bother with messy eating or disposing of the rinds on-the-go.

17. Stem Gem Strawberry Huller

Get the most out of your strawberry with this genius way to remove the stem and leaves. This strawberry-shaped device is super cute and gets the job done, getting rid of the core without sacrificing a lot of the fruit.

18.3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

Save yourself a trip to the hospital with avocado hand injuries and get this tool instead. The 3-in-1 device opens, pits and slices your avocados, so you won’t have to worry about cutting yourself in the process.


19. Jar Opener, 5 in 1 

Don’t struggle with jars again when you can easily twist off any size cap with this handy tool. The green gadget is a can opener, that also works to twist off stubborn lids from pickle jars to pasta sauce. Then, pop opens a beer with the bottle opener and relax.

Jar Opener, 5 in 1
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20. Blade Knife Sharpener 

Keep your blades sharp with the help of this adorable rhino from Amazon. The sharpener comes in either black or white, just like a real animal. Strike the knife across the horn to sharpen and leave on the counter as a cute decoration.


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