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How to Host a Easter Egg Hunt Community Party – Eggs and Stuffers

It was a chilly day yesterday. But, that did not stop the kids and us from celebrating and gathering for Easter Egg Hunt yesterday with other neighbors on our street.

The kids had fun.

Adults had a good laugh.

Older kids (10+) were organizers.

They packed 23 eggs per kid with tiny gifts (over 350 Eggs).

Then all 350+ eggs were spread around the yard.

We send them on a hunt to find the hidden eggs. 

The word is, there are 20+ eggs still to be found.

So, do you want to host an Easter Egg Hunt in your community/street?

What do you all need?

  1. Easter Eggs  and Gifts to pack within the eggs (OR)
  2. buy Easter Eggs with Toys/Stuffers inside

Each family purchased like 50 eggs and filled the eggs with gifts (aka stuffers). Here are a few ideas for Easter Egg stuffers

Easter Eggs in Bulk

Here are 50 and 100 easter eggs packages from Amazon.

Easter Egg Toys and Stuffers

You could stuff candies or tiny gifts inside each egg. It’s always found to see them running to collect the eggs and then opening them to see what’s inside them.

Few Easter Egg stuffers example.

We had kids between 3 to 10 years old. So, each kid could get only 23 eggs. If they find more than 23 eggs, they have to share them.

We had dinner after the Easter Egg hunt (on the street). We ordered take-out (Wings/Pasta/Mexican Tacos) from Chili’s.  

It’s one of the benefits of living in a community. 😍

How do you all celebrate Easter in your community?

Do you take your kids to Easter Egg hunt nearby? 

Some apartment complexes host Easter egg hunts, or there could be community events nearby.

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